About Bronwen

As someone who did not fit a traditional “classical violinist” role, I have an intimate idea of what it is like to be in a capacity that doesn’t quite fit. I had to go way out of my expertise and comfort zone to find what did fit. This has given me a lot of perspective. I believe every person has something truly special to put out into the world. It is up to the rest of us to accept and encourage it. My gift is to “Preach.” To inspire people to a better version of themselves. I founded Tribe as part of my goal to help each person reach into themselves and BE their most true and authentic selves.


Meet The Fiddle Peacher

Bronwen Beecher has a gift reaching people on a fundamental level. The study of how to facilitate breakthroughs in her students is the foundation for her innovative teaching approach, the Tribe Method. Bronwen has spent the past two decades teaching music and studying teaching methods, showing students of all levels, how their music can enrich their lives. She is proud to have created a way of passing on music to others that is as stirring to her own soul as it is effective. 


Bronwen Bio

A classically trained violinist, professional fiddler, rock violinist, vocalist, and guitar-strumming singer/songwriter, Bronwen Beecher, the Fiddle Preacher, has an insatiable passion for teaching and performing. Bronwen knew early on that she wanted to dedicate her life to music, her safe haven. She studied violin, voice and stringed instruments through primary school, eventually studying violin performance and music therapy at Loyola University in New Orleans. After a life-changing health crisis, Bronwen’s voice became damaged, as a side effect of her thyroidectomy. Through the aid of speech therapy and vocal coaching, she was able to sing again, even better than before, with the experience and process making a profound impact. Having been a long-time music educator, Bronwen was able to bring her personal experiences to her teaching and use this to fuel an even more profound and real connection with her students.  Bronwen is dedicated to personal enrichment and has actively pursued her varied interests, including receiving certifications in professional business training, yoga instruction, ESL, martial arts and life coaching and personal development and facilitation. All of these experiences go into her teaching and helping her students reach their potential.

Bronwen remains active in her own music. She heads up Salt Lake City-based Celtic rock band, The Salty Frogs, performs violin around the country, and is a published singer songwriter. For more about Bronwen and her own musical journey, please visit her professional performance website, bronwenbeecher.com