Meet The Guitar

Let’s Play Guitar!

The guitar is one of the world’s most popular and versatile instruments. Just try to think of more than three styles of music that don’t include a guitar! The guitar can be faster to learn than many instruments and there are a variety of ways to even read guitar music to make it easier. Guitar is very portable, which has helped it become the go-to instrument for campfires and casual playing. Probably the main reason guitar is so loved is because it is COOL! Nearly all popular music from Rock N Roll to the Blues relies upon the signature sound of the guitar. We want to make the guitar your go-to instrument. Come out and give it a try with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Guitar is considered one of the easier instruments to learn.

This is entirely up to you, how much time do you want to put into it? Do you have a favorite song that you want to learn, no problem, you can learn a song very quickly. It will take longer to understand the instrument and to read music, but your education is based entirely on your goals.

Absolutely! They even make smaller scale guitars, called parlor guitars, that might fit your hands more comfortably. Many, many people with small hands play guitar beautifully and you can definitely be one of them!

Yes, you too can play, even if you are a lefty. We love both hands and they each have their own challenges. They actually do make left-handed guitars, but you can learn no matter what guitar you have, it all comes down to technique.

Nope. You get to play whatever you want. Both acoustic and electric guitar have the same basic technique. You should play whichever one you feel passionate about.

You can learn…

  • How to hold the guitar

  • Basic chords

  • What to do with all of the strings

  • Sheet music, chord charts and tablature

  • How to play and sing at the same time

  • Awesome soloing skills

What Is the Difference Between an Electric and Acoustic Guitar?

Electric guitar allows you to plug in and rock out. Acoustic is the singer-songwriter’s trusty companion. If the electric guitar is a whisky straight up, the acoustic is a hot cozy latte. Who do you want to be today? There is a guitar for every feeling. Ultimately, the instrument plays basically the same, and the difference, apart from the technical, comes down mostly to tone, style, and whether it can be plugged in to an amp.

Why Should You Give Guitar a Try?

The guitar is versatile, it is portable and it is cool, and you CAN do it. Imagine playing in a band with your friends or other Tribemates. Maybe you can see yourself in a coffee shop playing your own heartfelt songs. Or maybe you see yourself joining a jam circle around a campfire at a bluegrass festival and feeling confident. This is all possible. There’s some work to it but there is also a whole lot of fun to be had. Grab your guitar, join your Tribe, and let’s learn your first song this month!

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