Jam Recitals

Jam Recitals Put the Fun Back Into Performing!

At Tribe, we love jamming together, performing for one another, supporting other players, singing and socializing. So, quarterly, we do a seasonally themed Jam Recital/ pot luck. These are events where musicians have a chance to perform what they have been working on. But, performance is not required. Many Tribesters like to come just to jam on tunes together and join in the sing-alongs. Class of Masters is organized around the themes of these super fun events. The themes are generally: “Americana” for the July Summer Jam, “Spooktacular” for our end of October jam, “Vintage Holiday” for our December jam, and “St. Paddy’s Day” for our March jam. Do you have something you could play for each of these themes?

What Happens at Jam Recitals?

Tribesters arrive at the venue with a potluck item or favorite beverage to share to match the Jam Recital theme. We socialize and eat for the first 45 min to an hour. We then proceed with a concert-style program of performances, jams, and sing-alongs for the rest of the evening, often with live professional musicians. Think microphones, speakers, and a sea of your fellow Tribesters cheering you on! For the July Summer Jam, the grill is on to cook a burger or whatever for yourself. We usually cap off the evening with a private performance by Bronwen and/or our other passionate teachers.

Jam Recitals happen 4 times per year in July, October, December, and March.

Current Tribe members are welcome to all Jam Recitals. Family and friends are invited to the July Summer “Americana” Jam outside in the studio garden. Otherwise, we ask that Tribesters limit their entourage as space is sometimes a consideration.

The July Summer Jam Recital is the only set place, outside in the studio garden. Otherwise, it could vary, depending on the number of Tribesters planning to attend.

Ongoing Tribe Events

Class of Masters

Monthly group classes covering a variety of musical subjects

Tribe Nights

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Jam Recitals

Quarterly gatherings based around holidays where we jam, perform, eat, drink and are ridiculously merry!