Class of Masters

A Class for the Master in all of us!

Learning an instrument or voice with us in a private-lesson scenario is just the start. When you join Tribe you are invited to participate in an all-levels, all-ages, all-instrument course designed to prepare you for any band or ensemble. It’s like taking driver’s ed in a car that you can fly!

Regular attendees may be selected to sit in as the “house band” for our quarterly Jam Recitals. This can work with or without specific arrangements and rehearsals. The class is designed to prepare all students for impromptu back up parts. And the experience is sometimes enhanced by creating band names together as a group that may or may not involve band apparel! 

What Happens at Class of Masters?

In a fun and entertaining way, Class of Masters teaches you about music theory in the context of a “backup band” situation. Those playing melodic instruments will learn to play notes in the chord progression that sound good behind a soloist, rather than just being the soloist. Singers will learn how to improvise backup parts in harmony together based on the chord structure of the song or tune. Many of these skills are introduced in “theory” in music theory classes, but Class of Masters is the only class that puts it in perfect context to practice with others and have fun learning as a group.

Usually, it’s the fourth Saturday of every month. But, be sure to check the schedule in case it’s been moved to a different Saturday that month.

Anyone. This offering is one that is open to Tribesters and music learners in the greater community who want to learn music theory in the most fun way possible.

All classes are hosted in the Fiddle Preacher Tribe Studio, or online, or sometimes both.

“Class of Masters” is based on the traditional music “master class” where one “master” teaches a group what they know. We flipped it because it’s about you, becoming a master. 


The same three basic lessons are presented in four different “band” concepts: Our January – March Class of Masters is about being part of an Irish Session band. April -June/July is about being in “Nash 1451,” a Nashville-style bluegrass/Americana band. August-October is a spooktacular play on Goth and Gypsy bands. Finally, November-December is about Holiday flare, accompanying carols and various Holiday traditional music. The content of each class is designed to be incremental yet still be appropriate for drop-ins at any point in the course.


Ongoing Tribe Events

Class of Masters

Monthly group classes where students become a band

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Jam Recitals

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