Music Community

What is Tribe?

Tribe is about way more than music lessons. It’s a sanctuary.

Here is a safe place to jam through whatever you’re facing, celebrate your accomplishments, practice your heart out and emerge feeling stronger and more authentic. Like the best version of yourself. Join our tribe of misfits and musical nuts (notes) where the goal is to foster life-long enjoyment of music. 

If you are the melody, your fellow tribesters are the harmony. We challenge each other, support each other, and develop our musical superpowers authentically, passionately, together.

Music is not intended for study alone.
At it’s very core, music was intended to be shared and bring joy to others. Collaboration and community are essential parts of learning and loving music. Tribe brings the living of music back into music education. The practice of music should be a celebration, not a sentence.

No musician is an island. To learn and grow, we need each other for inspiration and encouragement. Everyone has a unique contribution to make to the community and are absolutely supported in that. You will be a part of a group of compassionate, strong, no B.S., passionate music lovers. You will attend group classes “Class of Masters,” unique music events,  “Tribe Nights,” concerts, and trainings. You will high five a lot. You will practice so you can do your part to show up for the group. You will have a soul-filled immersion into the most powerful magic around, Music.

The Tribe musical journey may or may not include a stage name, local performance opportunities, music business training, jams, a drag queen name, and the skill to make the most annoying vocal sound in the world. This all depends on the student.  

Why a Tribe?

Ongoing Tribe Events

Class of Masters

a monthly group class covering a variety of musical subjects

Tribe Nights

A unique musical experience curated by Bronwen or other passionate Tribe Guardians

Jam Recitals

Quarterly gatherings based around holidays where we jam, perform, eat, drink and are ridiculously merry!

Take Part in Tribe!