Meet The Stage

  • Overcome Stage Fright

  • Connect With Your Audience

  • Project Confidence

  • Know What To Do With Your Arms!

Let’s Get Stage Ready!

Performance doesn’t just happen on a stage. Did you know you are already performing in your regular life? Unless you live under a rock on Mars, you will interact with others. You may notice that, when you bring the neighbor their mail, ask your boss for a raise at work, or teach a class your heart races, you may get a little clammy, some sweat may appear around your hairline. This is the same stress response many of us have in our regular lives. Performance teaches us about regulating that stress response and mastering our reaction to it. As Shakespeare famously wrote, “The world is a stage…” so you may as well enjoy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. These same techniques apply to daily life as easily as stage performance. And wouldn’t it be great if you could pop up on a stage from time to time, too?!

You bet! As you know, performing is not just about overcoming stage fright. It is an art form that allows us to filter music, words, dance, etc… through our most authentic selves. The effect is not only fulfillment in the art but the ability to move an audience, maybe even change lives. If you want more of that, this program is for you.

Yes. Again and again. We have to practice anything we want to master. The good news is, usually enjoyment starts to bubble up to replace the fear over time.

That is just fine. Performance is performance, regardless of the venue or vehicle.

Like a fox, it will! Jamming is making music with others, which is a form of performance. Imagine if you could tap all of your creativity and skill while at the jam, instead of tapping your self-consciousness and judgment. The difference is night and day.

Our Approach

  • Surf those stress hormones!

  • Keep the breath flowing.

  • Express who you really are.

  • Love the stage!

  • Crush your solo.

  • Move an audience.

How do you overcome stage fright?

Stage fright is mainly the result of stress hormones that are released to help us fight, flight, or freeze. That’s what causes the racing heart, shaking, clamminess, etc… Adrenaline, cortisol, norepinephrine; these emergency helpers can help you get away from a dangerous situation fast but they also make for an unpleasant and sometimes train wrecky performance.

The good news is that, when we learn to “surf” those inevitable hormones, they can become performance enhancers! Extra energy, more oxygen, and blood flowing through the body and suddenly you could feel like you just worked out and had a cup of coffee!

How can I be a better performer?

In the performance program, we train Tribesters to use breath practice which includes singer’s breath, meditation, and yoga techniques to “surf hormones.” We reframe student goals to reflect what they are really after, rather than just “not messing up.” We do some reassociating of the mind to replace perfectionism with connection. Finally, we practice performing. Experience is key to learning and mastering your performance style. This program is accessible to all instrumentalists, singers, speakers, and everyday people who want to have more fun in life and deal with stress better.

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