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This is not your grandma’s teaching method. The Tribe Method is edgy, fun, real. Our training courses and packed with as many life hacks as it is with music and teaching hacks.  

Years of music lessons do not automatically make a good leader or teacher. Dry exercises and book lessons did not inspire us to learn and they do not inspire our students. The Tribe Method completely rethinks how we approach education. This method is designed to be flexible to each unique student and gives a practical approach to help overcome obstacles in educating. While the techniques were developed with music training in mind, they apply to all types of education.

Tribe Method founder, Bronwen Beecher, never expected to start a movement. It really all started trying to answer a question. Years of being a music educator had repeatedly revealed the same dilemma, “how do I reach this student? What is the key?” The answer to this became the foundation for the breakthrough Tribe Method, an innovative approach to creative education. The Tribe Method is a simple codified system that breaks teaching down into 4 steps to break through to any student and help them embrace their own passion for learning.

Stop drilling your students, start INSPIRING them and see what a dramatic transformation occurs!

The Tribe way is for events, Summer camps, and group classes to be all ages, all levels, all instruments, all the time. This is a special skill that goes beyond traditional classroom management. The great news is that the “village” environment creates a natural “filtration system” for boredom, bad mojo, and emotional occurrences, leaving a vibrant and supportive learning environment.

Have you ever had a teacher who clearly doesn’t love what they are doing? How did that effect your learning? Did you think it was because of you? The Tribe method uses concepts from psychology, yoga, and life coaching to hone the skill of finding a deep sense of fulfillment in one’s teaching.

TriBE Method

  • BE perfect

  • BE a psychic

  • BE a coyote

  • BE a kook

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