Tribe Nights

The Heart of Tribe is Community. Let’s Commune!

Whether it be a songwriting workshop with Julian Moon, a tour through Peter Prier’s Violin Making School workshop, learning practicing tips from Kate MacLeod, an intimate rehearsal with Utopia Early Music, or 80’s karaoke night, we believe that there are endless musical experiences to be had. As a professional musician, Bronwen uses her contacts and community fun smarts to curate unique monthly events for Members of Tribe. We strongly encourage everyone to attend every event, even if it isn’t about their specific instrument. It’s all music and the more angles we can learn it from the better. Together we can find even more richness in our musical lives!

What Happens at Tribe Night?

Sign up for the event by clicking the link on the event page. Show up with a themed pot luck item or a bottle of wine and $20. We spend the first half-hour or so socializing then gather around for the featured event. It may be at the studio, a local music store, a performance hall, etc… You will receive an email announcing the event with all your need-to-knows.

Tribe nights happen monthly, usually on weekends in the evening. Depends on the event.

Current members of Tribe may come to any Tribe Night and most often family members may attend. Some Tribe Nights are exclusive to Tribesters, some are open to the public. It all depends on the unique event that month. All Tribe events are all ages, all instruments, all levels.

We have had Tribe nights all over the Salt Lake valley and, even online. Sign up on the email list to stay up to date on when and where they will be!

Ongoing Tribe Events

Class of Masters

Monthly group classes covering a variety of musical subjects

Tribe Nights

A unique musical experience curated by Bronwen or other passionate Tribe Guardians

Jam Recitals

Quarterly gatherings based around holidays where we jam, perform, eat, drink and are ridiculously merry!