Tribe Summer Camp

Oh Yes, It’s Coming!

Tribe Summer Camp (All Ages!) is ON!

In this one-of-a-kind musical week, we will gather as a group, break out into smaller groups, have some laughs, and culminate in a mega-jam/ recital at the end. As with all Tribe events, Tribe Summer Camp will be all ages, all instruments, and all levels. Our teachers are expertly trained to make a multi-layered, engaging, and magical experience for all in attendance. This is a great opportunity for multiple family members to join in and make a mini-band, or besties to get together and do something different, or even for teachers to truly play with their students. We will adjust our plans depending upon who signs up.

$250 per participant.

See our contact page for more information or to register!

Note: Due to the covid 19 virus, Summer Camp has changed to “Online Summer Camp Challenge!” Please visit our Tribe Music Community Facebook page for more information and to register.

Summer Camp Details

Each day will feature some social/coffee time, group learning, snacks, and shenanigans and culminate in a group jam at the end. Bring the kids. Bring the parents. Bring everybody!

If there’s one thing we do well it’s all ages, all instruments, and all levels. We believe that, with a skillful teacher, we don’t have to separate into “intermediate guitar ages 9-11.” We have private lessons for that. For a camp that’s focussed on the life-long enjoyment of music, it truly takes a Tribe!

Let’s start each day with a little coffee and socializing time, head into some learning all-together, snack it up, then break into smaller groups and create something fabulous for a Tribe jam at the end. Fun!

Please note on your registration form any food allergies and they will be strictly accommodated. There will be no lunch served. Not to worry. We will keep the snack table stocked and the coffee hot!

We will break into smaller groups in the afternoon. But, will we separate ourselves into smaller groups according to songs we would love to learn? Family or friend groups? A favorite teacher? Personality traits? Preferred ice cream flavors? We will decide as a Tribe on the first day how to proceed for maximum awesomeness.

As a Tribe based in the creative arts, we are never beholden to a single curriculum. We get started and the activities practically create themselves.

Summer Camp Details

Musical magic immersion

It’s great to do consistent private lessons. But, it’s also amazing to experience a week of off-the-charts music concentrate. Each camp is completely customized to participants who sign up. We take an inventory of ages, instruments, levels, dietary or other safety concerns, and put them into our magical musical fun-maker machine to create the ultimate experience for all. Campers can come as a pre-arranged group or put on the proverbial sorting hat to be placed into a band or ensemble. A mix of everyone-together workshops, sometimes with special guests, as well as plenty of group time with Tribe teachers, will culminate in a final fun performance to show off what you’ve learned.



Frequently Asked Questions

Each camp is $250 per participant.

Tribe camps are for all ages, all instruments, all levels. There is always some way to participate, from beginners to professionals.

Skill is not all there is to music, as you know. There is community, variety, and a host of musical influences to which you may have never been exposed. You can fly solo, or perhaps with come with some students you enjoy and experience each other in a new way!

Music is not inherently a competition, even though many think of it that way. Tribe creates a fully supportive environment with teachers, trained to cater to all levels of playing ability. Does it sound fun? Great, let’s get you signed up.

Coffee, snacks (let us know if you have dietary concerns), water, fun, and excellent teachers are all provided. Bring your instrument, paper and pencil, water bottle, and good humor. T-shirts and other amazing merchandise will be available for purchase.