Tribe Method

Welcome to Tribe. Here, YOU are in charge

The Tribe Method is a student-driven approach to learning. Here your soul will be embraced by compassionate instructors who are trained to listen to you and adapt their teaching to you. Your dreams and desires take center stage in your musical journey here.

Tribe teachers are all trained and certified in the Tribe Method. Their training includes inspiring their own selves. We can’t expect a student to stay inspired if we can’t keep ourselves inspired! It’s not always easy to customize a musical journey with every student, especially if the student is very different from us. This is another process covered in their training. Bronwen uses traditional teaching methods along with psychology principles, life coaching techniques, peer interactive games, role-playing, and more to cover those elements and much more!

The pillars of the Tribe Teaching Method are Be Inspired, Be Perfect, Be Psychic, Be a Coyote, and Be a kook! The fundamental Tribe Method Teacher Training is presented in a weekend 9 hour intensive. Teachers often have the opportunity to shadow Bronwen or other Tribe teachers to see just how different lessons typically are from one student to the next and to learn the art of community creation by teaching all levels, all ages, all instrument group events in a fun and effective way.

For more information about how you can train to be a Tribe Method certified teacher or leader please email us through the contact page and watch for training popping up on the events calendar.

  • BE perfect

    This concept is about reframing the idea of “perfection” that is all too common in music education.

  • BE a psychic

    This is where teachers learn to understand their students’ needs, dreams, and desires, even when they are not recognized by the students, themselves!

  • BE a coyote

    You’ll have to join a teacher training to find out about this one!

  • BE a kook

    Life is better when it’s at least a little kooky and music is, too. Music mastery is a lifelong journey and if it’s TOO serious, it’s easy to stray from the reason we started music in the first place.