Meet The Violin

Let’s Play Violin!

The violin is an amazing instrument of beauty and passion. It can sing, it can scream and it can make you weep with its haunting notes. Probably the world’s most feared instrument, the violin gets a bad wrap for being difficult to play. We are here to assure you that you CAN play violin and you WILL love it! Come out and give it a try with us!

Part of the string family, the violin has gone through some unique changes (haven’t we all?!) over the past 480 years. Over the centuries they have become louder, able to play higher notes and the bow shape has evolved. Whether it be to impress members of the French court or to accompany dance in a gypsy caravan, the instrument has adapted to be shared with larger and larger audiences. Today, the violin is undergoing even more exciting changes as electric violins and more experimental violin construction styles have become mainstream. Like members of Tribe – check out this amazing segue- the violin has been stretched beyond its previously conceived limits, yet remains true to the original soul of the instrument. Just the right amount of freedom and tradition makes for the most glorious sound!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Let’s be real. It is a high learning-curve instrument. That said, the violin offers unlimited ways of expressing yourself. The bow, that we believe is technically a wizard wand, with the incredible and magical nuance it can create offers more versatility than other stringed instruments. The violin is so worth the effort. So let’s stop talking about why we shouldn’t try it and get to work! Or, as they might say in music class at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, “Wingardium leviBOWsa!”

This is an impossible question to answer. As with any journey toward mastery, the more we know, the more we realize we don’t know. “Getting good” is a moving target. So we prefer to ask, “how long does it take to enjoy playing the violin?” The answer is, right away.

We are passionate about classial music AND we also adore bluegrass, Celtic, rock, funk, pop, gypsy, jazz, gypsy-jazz, and anything else we can get our fingers and bows around! Using the Tribe teaching method, the journey will be mainly student-directed. Choose your own adventure at any point in your journey.

In a world where more and more classical violinists are experimenting with fun styles of fiddling and fiddlers are appreciating the freedom of expression gained in classical violin techniques, a new genre of musician has emerged. The “cross-over” violinist is interested and familiar with a number of different styles of playing. One might even say that these violinist/fiddlers have more fun and, in a very practical sense, they are more employable in the music industry. Tribe encourages as many styles of music as can be imagined. Want to play a concert one week and a club gig the next? Let’s get started!

In the first 5 lessons we usually teach…

  • How to hold a Violin

  • Where to put your fingers

  • How to hold the bow

  • Learn an easy fiddle tune

  • Choose your adventure

  • Go!

What is the Difference Between Violin and Fiddle?

Ah, perhaps the most frequently asked question of a fiddler. Bottom line: The only difference is what you play on it and how your play it. Typically, we would use the term “violin” for classical, gypsy, and rock music and it could be said that all other styles are played on a “fiddle.” The violin and fiddle are the same instrument. What music will you play on yours?

Why should I learn violin?

Why did Galileo learn to use a telescope? If you have felt inspired to sign up for violin lessons for any reason it could be an ally and your best tool to discover and express what you have inside of you. It may be that you took lessons in the past and gave it up for whatever reason and have always had it in the back of your mind to pick it up again one day. It may be that you, recently or in the past, saw a violinist play and you felt a fire ignite inside that said, “Oh my gosh, I HAVE to learn to do that!” Maybe you love to try new things and think violins are pretty and kind of romantic. The list goes on. Whatever the case may be, sign up for a free intro and let’s see where it goes from there!

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