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Summer Class of Masters – “Nash 1451” Part 1

April 24, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this popular three-part series, students become a Nashville “house band.” Imagine standing on stage at a Nashville Songwriter Review, providing professional accompaniment to artist after artist whom you have never seen or heard before. They hand you a lead sheet with a bunch of numbers on it and off you go!

Musical concepts include: Basic reading and comprehension of the Nashville Number System, chord progressions, ear training, lead sheet reading, cadences, basic time signatures and rhythm skills, sight singing, chord stacking, harmony, triads, and chord inversions.

‘NASH 1451’ rides again! Our part bluegrass, part Americana/folk band, called Nash 1451, begins as we learn the Nashville number system of chords. This band will giddyup all the way to the July Jam Recital!

About The Event

This dynamic and usually hilarious monthly group class is about accompaniment to songs and tunes. It is for all levels, all instruments, and all ages. Melodic instruments will learn to play notes in the chord structure that sound good behind a soloist, rather than being the soloist. Singers will learn how to improvise backup parts in harmony together based on the chord structure of the song or tune. Guitar and Keyboard players will expand their accompaniment chops to many different styles of music.

These skills are introduced in “theory” in music theory classes. But, Class of Masters is the only class that puts it in perfect context to practice together and have fun learning as a group.

Regular attendees may be selected to sit in as the “house band” for quarterly Jam Recitals. This can work with or without specific arrangements and rehearsals. The class is designed to prepare all students for impromptu back up parts.

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