Backup Singer Boot Camp

with Bronwen Beecher The Fiddle Preacher

Next Level Singing Fun!

None. All Levels Welcome

Sheet music provided


Take your place in the choir as we learn about the 3 different kinds of backup singing: Harmony with the melody, Call and Response, and Counterpoint. We won’t stop there… this series of 3 two hour sessions will also shed light on fully improvised backup vocals.

Backup Singers are vocal chameleons, who skillfully find just the right harmony, match their voices to each other and create the perfect compliment to the lead singer. They work together seamlessly to make a good song great and a great song absolutely magical!

-Participants must be able to carry a tune and sing notes other than those being sung around them.

-Ability to read music is not required.

-Cost is $250 for all 3 2hr sessions.

-All sessions taught by Bronwen Beecher

-All sessions will be filmed and emailed to participants so, no biggie if you have to miss a week.

After the course, you will know the 3 kinds of backup vocals, be able to identify possible places in songs to insert and arrange backup vocals and be able to work with other backup vocalists as an improvisational team.

Date & Time

Boot Camp will be held at the following times:

Saturday, July 20, 2019
9-11:00 AM

Saturday, July 27, 2019
9-11:00 AM

Saturday, August 3, 2019
9-11:00 AM


Please note: all multi-week courses are sold as a package that includes all weeks. No refunds or discounts are provided for sessions that you cannot attend.

Get Ready To Work It!!